About me

Hi! Thanks for dropping in. I’m Sheila McFarland, and I live in Vancouver Canada with my husband, teenager and cat. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. I’m a Ph.D. physicist, have worked several years in high tech and in healthcare, tutor math, and am a dedicated volunteer.

I’m a nervous cook to some extent and not fond of trying new recipes. But we get sick of the old recipes. My husband was our family cook for many years, and he’s a great one who goes gaga for it. Eventually work commitments saw our roles swapped. He now cooks on the weekend, and I try very hard to feed my very discerning family on the weekdays… And I do very much enjoy good food myself.

I got thinking recently that I cannot be the only reluctant cook driven by their passion to eat well, and so I came up with If I Can Cook It. I hope this helps you out and spurs you on to bigger and better cooking craft. Enjoy!